Foods That Serve As Testosterone Booster

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that plays very vital roles such as maintenance of libido, an increase in strength, bone mass, muscle development, sperm production and other dominant characters in men.  On the other hand, a man with low testosterone suffers low libido, increased risk of osteoporosis, high chance of Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and constant fatigue. The level of this hormone is usually at the peak at the beginning of manhood and falls gradually year after year until old age or death. However, by taking testosterone boosters and foods that support optimum levels, a man can still benefit from the numerous advantages of high testosterone level (T-level) even in old age. The information below provides foods that can help as testosterone boosters.

Shrimp, seafood, is one of the things you should consider if you want to increase this hormone in your body. Shrimps are rich in vitamin D, which releases the luteinizing hormones that step up the production of the T-hormone, growth hormones and the stimulating follicle hormone. Although vitamin D can also be obtained from early morning sunshine, the amount gotten from this is not enough and should, therefore, be complemented with supplements or natural foods.

Egg yolk is another food you shouldn’t take lightly. Just like shrimps, egg yolks are rich in vitamin D, making it a good supporter for the hormone. During the cold seasons, this food should be taken more since the sun would barely supply its quota of your daily requirement of the vitamin.

Consuming strawberries in addition to the two already mentioned foods will help you improve your T- level. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, which minimizes the production of cortisol during a workout. Cortisol is a stress hormone that prevents that shields the effect of testosterone when a person is performing intense exercises.

The role of ginger in building up your T-level should not be neglected. The substance is used popularly as a spice in cooking rice for an improved taste. However, studies have proven that ginger’s worth is much more than being a spice in your pot of rice as it also contains what is needed to make you improve those masculine features you want. According to an Iraqi study, ginger supplements can boost T-levels by up to 17%. The active ingredient, gingerol, is responsible for this androgenic role.

Just like ginger, garlic also fulfills more important roles than acting as a spice. Although it has an unbelievable foul smell and can make occupants in a room desire more ventilation when a consumer stands before them, its nutritive value in a man is much more than the supposed discomfort. A combination of garlic and vitamin C can double your nitric oxide levels. A moderate consumption of nitric oxide optimizes the T-level.

What’s more interesting about garlic and ginger is the fact that they are incredibly cheap but often disregarded. Garlic and ginger are not the best choices among men, but you can see this as an opportunity to improve your male characteristics at a very low cost. If you ever find Testosterone Boosters with garlic, ginger and some proteins, you are at this moment encouraged never to let them pass you by.