Deciphering Certain Facts About Dianabol

From what I have heard, attaining fast muscle gain can be extremely difficult, especially when it involves only a healthy diet and regular exercises.  This claim holds water since bodybuilders who only stick to the two methods end up struggling with body plateau.  I think this case scenario causes most body builders to be frustrated and desperate in their endeavors to achieve the desired masculinity. As a result, they end up using certain steroids such as Dbol in an attempt to overcome the body plateau and get fast results.

Dbol was introduced first in the 1960s to boost the performance of athletes. Since then it has proven to be one of the most effective anabolic steroids in the market.  I have heard and read testimonies of some Dbol users claiming that they get the best results after using one or two doses of the concentrated capsules. On the contrary, some claim that using approximately 5 to 9 capsules of Dbol a day gives them the desired results.

Why I would not Use D-bol

Dianabol is a well-rated steroid among most of its users. Nonetheless, I would still not use it. Here are some of the reasons as follows.

1. Side Effects

Although Dianabol is highly rated in the athletic and bodybuilding circles, it still poses a various health risk to users. In fact, I would not use it if I had bodybuilding ambitions because even the FDA does not authorize its production on US soil.  Even so, the various side effects associated with the use of D-bol steroids scare me. Some of these side effects include:

• Estrogenic Effects

Due to Dianabol’s estrogenic leanings, many users experience certain adverse effects caused by high levels of aromatase activity. For this reason, users experience gynecomastia or what many call man boobs.

• Androgenic Effects

Although d-bol is not a highly androgenic steroid since Ciba Pharmaceuticals minimized it’s androgenic, it still poses certain androgenic side effects. Some of these, which I am mostly afraid of, include rapid hair loss, acne and a lot of hair growth on the body.

2. Availability

Apart from the side effects, I am also concerned about its availability. Since Dianabol’s manufacturing is prohibited in the US, how do I just trust any source from the Internet to sell a genuine and effective product? This raises the chances of the existence of counterfeit d-bol products in the market all aiming to meet the high demand. Additionally, there are high chances of buying low concentration tablets.

3. Legal Restrictions

I would not recommend any person to opt for D-bol as the ideal steroid citing the legal ramifications one stands to face in the US, as buying or selling of this steroid is prohibited.  Additionally, I cannot stand the hassles involved in getting a medical prescription from a certified physician in an attempt to attain the go ahead to use D-bol steroids.